private treaty sales

  • Direct (farm to farm) livestock sales.

  • On farm valuations.

  • Alleviates the need to sell at market, therefore providing a significant cost saving.

  • Reduces the stress placed on livestock during a market sale, thus improving animal welfare.

  • Available for all breeds and classes of commercial livestock and machinery.

  • Full stock list available

on farm auctions

  • A convenient and reliable service provided directly on the farm. 

  • Alleviates the pressure associated with a market sale.  This bespoke service includes the provision of a mobile sale facility and team to manage the complete event from lotting and marketing through to conclusion of the sale.

  • Provides a significant cost saving.

  • If you would prefer not to hold a sale on farm we will happily arrange an alternative market location.


  • A convenient and reliable service with over 20 years rostrum sales, young enthustastiuc and dynamic.

  • Alleviates the pressure at home using the  facility at Shrewsbury with Halls, who we have a great working reletionship.

  • Wonderful facility perfect for dairy sales.

  • Many sales carried out succesfully

  • If you would like to sell through this top class facillity call Stuart who has been in the rostrum for many years.

  • Cattle can be entered for each weekly sale


  • We conduct independent valuations for the purposes of insurance, probate and changes in farm management/business structure.

  • We offer a comprehensive appraisal of all stock enabling us to provide you with an accurate and honest valuation for your business needs.

cattle imports

  • Through our extensive network of contacts we are able to readily source all breeds and classes of livestock from Europe and beyond.

  • We make all logistical arrangements for the import of stock.

  • We guarantee that we will always source the highest quality of livestock within your budget.

  • Please contact Dan for further information.


guest auctioneer

  • Stuart Hassall is available to perform as a guest auctioneer for both public and private sales and events.

  • Show commentary services available.

  • Call Stuart 07495 804308

  • email