A very pleasing entry again this week for the Halls & Hassall Brothers Dairy show and sale, with over 100 milking cows and Heifers, also in calf heifers and heifers calves. The sale was again very well attended and certainly a buyer for every commodity resulting in a total clearance! Cows were in great demand with many selling for over £1,900.The heifers sold to £2,100 with several others selling for over £1,900.
A wonderful trade throughout, despite the challenging weather that has effected many lately!

The quality again this week was superb and all vendors must be congratulating on the animals put forward for our judge Mr G Davies of Efail, Oswestry who did a great job as he certainly had a to choose from a great line up of animals!

The champion animal was the first place in the cows and was from Hankins Heys Farm Ltd of Audlem who had a lovely group of animals forward, other animals from this home sold for over £1,900. Hankins Stormatic Blackoni calved on the 31st January and yielding 44kg daily she was snapped up by Phil Manning of Etsill, Shrewsbury for £2,200.
Selling for £2,100 was a super cow from R A Evans of Beeston Castle, Evalanes Brodie Tracy 2nd (VG85) calved on the 3rd January and was achieving a yield of 60.kg daily secured by M Chesters of Forden, Welshpool.

In milk Heifers sold to £2,100 for Dilandy Mogull Marigold from D & A C Shakeshaft of Colemere, this super strong heifer yielding 32.kg daily was snapped up by JL & EM Parker, Villa Farm, Stafford, they also took home with them Malpas Wquinox Dewdrop 253rd, this 2nd prize heifer was milking well achieving 32.kg from W J G & R Dimelow & Co of Malpas, who also sold other heifers to £1,980; The parker family also took another lovely heifer from J T & BP Thomas of Shrewsbury for £1,980.

Hilltop Farming of Northwich consigned some super heifers selling to £1,920 for the third prize heifer Budworth Iota Queen 2nd this great heifer achieving a daily yield of 32.kg, purchased by Richard Bowdler Ltd, of Ellesmere, from this home was Budworth Platinum Queen 2nd who calved on the 10th February and yielding 33.kg she was purchased by G Davies & Sons of Enchmarsh; Shropshire.

The first prize in the heifer class was From M & J E Hughes of Criggon; Brookroad Susan 132nd this heifer was secured by Guto Lewis.

A group of In Calf cows from G & T W Jones of Pwllheli sold to a high demand to £1,150 with many others cruising over £1,000 for summer calvers.

In calf heifer sold to £1,320 for Dave Waring.
Bulling Heifers sold to £760 for Chris Shingler
Heifer Calves sold to £300 for the Davies family.

A great sale throughout and we would like to thank all of the purchases and vendors for their continued support and we are delighted to see these sales building week on week and we continue to need further numbers to for fill our purchasers demands.
Please give us a call if you require further information about this dairy sale in this top class dairy facility.


All Milking Cows of all breeds including Faults £1,579.50
All Milking Heifers of all breeds including Faults £1,587.62


The Halls and Hassall Brothers Dairy show and sale at Shrewsbury Auction centre the first show and sale of the year, incorporating the western Holstein Club, it was a superb sale throughout with 22 successful purchasers on the day with many more going home with empty trailers and a great turn out of cattle in the form of numbers and quality!

The show was awesome, many spectators watched our judge Mr James Meddins who has always been a great supporter of the sales and he certainly managed his role in an expert fashion as he had a very difficult job as the lines were bubbling with quality which he meticulously sorted through to find his prize winners.

The Milking cows and heifers were once again in high demand throughout the day and rosettes split between many vendors which was lovely to see, the overall champion was a heifer from Hope Farming Ltd of Harmer Hill, Shrewsbury who had a super consignment forward and a cracking trade; Pimhill Grafeeti Cotton 8th calved on the 4th January and yielding 28kg daily she sold for £2,280 and was purchased by the judge Mr James Meddings. The Reserve Champion from Sterndale Holsteins was Sterndale Lambda Papoose yielding 31kg she was purchased by Roger Trow of Wixall for £2,040.
The milking heifers sold to a fantastic trade with many selling for £2,000 or more during the sale; D & A C Shakeshaft sold Dalebank Unix Lulu calved on the 1st January, this dairy mans heifer, displaying width and strength was snapped up by Roger Trow, also from the same home was Dilandy Mogul Rosalle 2nd, yielding 32.4kg daily, G Davies & Sons of Enchmarch secured her for£2,080, another heifer from the Shakeshaft stable who achieved £2,000
Many other quality heifers cruised over £1,800 during the days proceedings, many animals cater for every buyers tastes and budgets.
Cows were a superb trade and sold to £2,000 for H P Price & Sons who had a cracking consignment forward; Bicton Mogul Glow (GP84) calved on the 18th December, this cracking cow the first place cow in the cow class sold for £2,000 to D Colclough of Hassall; Sandbach, the second placed cow Bicton Cayle Ulrika sold for £1,900.
Brown Swiss from H Davies & Co of Chester sold to £1,850 for the 3rd place cow in the cow class, this great cow being secured by the judge.
In Calf Heifers sold to £1,670 for a wonderful entry from the Boughey family of Iddenshall; Tarporley to average £1448.75! These heifers were in high demand with many going home empty handed.
Bulling Heifers sold to £770 for Hope Farming Ltd and sold to a great demand.
The sale was buzzing with atmosphere, the ring deep with people; certainly we need more week on week to satisfy demands, through this wonderful dairy facility!
Please get in touch with is if you would like any more information or would like any advice on selling or buying options.

All milking Heifers including all breeds and faults £1,668.07
All Milking Cows including all breeds and faults £1,438.46
In Calf Heifers £1,448,75
Bulling Heifers £702

🙏🙏Once again thank you to all of the consigners, purchasers and sponsors of the show and sale we really appreciate your support and we are very excited watching these sales further develop at this top class facility! 🙏


Highlights of the sale:
2016 JCB 536-70 Loadall - £47,500
2017 McCORMICK x 7.650 4WD (750 hours - £43,800
2006 McCORMICK MC135 4WD (4600 hours) - £13,000
WEST 12 Tonne Silage Trailer - £ 7,400
2007 MAJOR LGP 2600 Slurry Tanker - £ 6,400
OPICO Sectional GRASSHARROWS - £ 4,500
2018 SULKY DX20 Disc Fertiliser Spreader - £ 3,000
A.G. Products 175 Hybrid Dispenser - £ 3,600
KRM MAGNUM 300 Power Harrow - £ 3,100
IFOR WILLIAMS 12 foot Stock Trailer - £ 2,950
COLLINSON 15 Tonne Feed Bin - £ 2,350
2013 COLLINSON 25 Tonne Meal Bin - £ 3,800
CONNOR 7 Foot Shear Grab - £ 1,550
130 Round Bale Silage - £15 per Bale
HTL Electric Cattle Crush - £ 4,250
FULLWOOD 8,000 Litre Bulk Tank - £ 8,500
TITAL Bunded Fuel Tank - £ 1,850
JFC Calf Hotels x 4 - £ 560 each
DIY AI Flask - £ 420


What a day for the Christmas show and sale at Shrewsbury Livestock Centre, where we received a wonderful entry of top draw quality for the Bryan Challenor Cup.
The judge for the day was Mr Philip Jenkinson from Ridley who certainly had a difficult job with the animals on offer but he carried out his role in a professional manner.
The trade was tremendous resulting in a heifer average of £1,880 with over 20 successful purchasers, with many going home with empty trailers.
63 animals came through the sale ring today and indeed more needed to satisfy the growing demand at the market.

The champion animal was awarded to Andrew Shakeshaft, this first place heifer in her class was crowned champion; Bure Model Mopsy 1st calved on the 12th November and was yielding 30kg and purchased by B A Hughes of Chidlow for £2280.
Andrews other great heifer also realised at £2,080.

Reserve champion went to DB & HM Jenkins of Talybont who consigned three awesome animals to average £1,966.
The Reserve champion Elery Tarantino Susan realised at £2,000 yielding 39kg daily and purchased by M J Winward of Stapelford, Chester who purchased several other great lots!

Selling for £2,180 was a heifer from Hastain Farms of Pontesford; Nobold Unix Diana calved on the 5th December and was yielding 31kg she was purchased by D Colclough of Bank Farm, Sandbach.

J Allsop had a great consignment selling to £2,080 Enchmarsh Mincio Dawn was yielding 40.kg daily and was purchased by Bowdler Farms Ltd. Another great heifer from this home Enchmarsh Mincio Bow weighing in at 38kg sold to the Colclough family of Hassall for £2,020, Mr Colclough also secured a great heifer from Mark Hughes of Criggion for £2,020 for Stocks Seaver Tammy yielding 30kg daily.

JK Jones consigned three super heifers selling to £2,020 to M J Winward of Stapleford also securing a heifer from A & J Whittaker for £2,000 for a super heifer Knowlesmere Brewmaster Issy.

The sale ring was packed with people today and the trade was certainly electric from start to finish. Mince pies and mulled wine were in full flow and everyone was in great spirits, the raffle for the Cheshire Agricultural Chaplaincy raised £158.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their continued support and it’s really appreciated!

On behalf of Hassall Brothers and Halls we would like to express our thanks to all of the vendors for consigning and making the sale such a success! We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

in milk cows averaged £1400
in milk heifers averaged £1885


The 320 head dispersal sale of the Holm Herd on behalf of the Evans family from Newport Pembrokeshire attracted many buyers around the ring.

Topping the trade was a Super Cow by Shottle selling to 2020gns and going home with Richard Bowdler of Ellesmere.
Platt Brothers from Knutsford Cheshire paid 2000gns for a heifer that calved in July giving 30 litres.
A Fresh Heifer by Aftershock out of the Lulu family sold to Ian Roberts for 1880gns.
Richard Bowdler also bought a Lulu by Destry that calved in September and giving over 39kgs at 1820gns.
A 3rd calved cow went home with Harry Edwards Golfa, Welshpool selling for 1800gns.
Many others cruised over 1500gns with 9 over 1700gns.
All Milking Cows & Heifers Averaged 1380gns

In calf heifers sold to 1350gns with Charles Fitton from Cheshire being the bulk buyer of these well grown strong heifers.
Heifer calves sold to 220gns with many finding a new home with Mark Hughes of Criggion.

Sincere thanks to all of the purchasers on the day.

We'd also like to thank Mark Evans and Family and We Wish them the best of luck going forward.


Penrhallt Ayrshires In High Demand Tuesday 29th October

Tuesday 29th October 2019 - Sale Report
Well, what an atmosphere around the dairy ring, with a huge crowd from all corners of the U.K.
There were more new vendors and buyers again this week and they were not disappointed with the quality on show.
The sale also had the dispersal of the Penrhallt Herd of Ayreshires on behalf of Phil and Thelma Jeffries from Berriew, Welshpool.
Also the remainder of the Trefaes herd from west Wales with over 260 dairies forward.
Starting with the weekly sale Liam Phillips Burgedin Farm, Welshpool, had four smart heifers forward. Heifers from this good home always go on and do well in their new homes and are very much sought after, today being no exception with an average of over £1800. They were giving up to 34 litres.
Tim Reese from Nantwich had some really milky animals forward up to £1780 and going home with Richard Bowdler and to a new buyer in Staffordshire.

The Penrallt Herd Dispersal.

Top price was the incredible cow Sandyford Tri Ella at 2600gns. Bred from an Ex 91 4E 6 stars. Sired by Palnyra Tri Star Burdette. This cow came with very high fats- 5.92F and protein- 3.79P percentages. The hammer falling to SP & CR Williams Great Wollascott Farm, Shrewsbury.
Her one month old daughter by Lyner Oblique Focus, went to GE & KM Langford , Pool Quay, Welshpool for 750 gns.
Penrallt Ena 25 found a new home at 1900gns with WRC & JE Christophers, St Allen, Truro, Cornwall who purchased many more great animals on the day with many sailing over 1800 gns.
The yearling heifers sold to £900 for a September born heifer by Rosehill Manderville.
The heifer calves were very much sought after with a one month old making 750gns
David and Jonathon McCaughey, Randalstown, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, were the bulk buyers of the day taking home 26 lovely animals with them to join their 200 cow herd of mainly Shorthorns and now having bought into great families to start their Ayreshire herd.

The Trefaes Herd Dispersal

This was the final part of their dispersal of great cows from this outstanding herd, superbly managed by Simon Stanfield and his team.
The Trefaes cows were in high demand, with a 6 year old cow making 1820gns.She was snapped up by Richard Bowdler
Other Quality Fresh cows and heifers cruised over 1700gns.
A top quality group of maiden heifers from Stanfield Farming also sold well.

Once again thank you to all of the consignors and purchasers of the Sale.
We really appreciate your support and we are very excited to watch the dairy sales develop further at this top class facility!

19th November - Show & Sale
17th December - Show & Sale


Well what a day for Trefaes herd dispersal at Shrewsbury Livestock Auction on Friday 27th September; Hassall Brothers and Halls were delighted to conduct the dispersal sale of the entire Trefaes Herd of high yielding pedigree Holsteins and 'wow' what a tremendous herd of cows! The Owner’s Standfield Farming Wales Ltd, made the difficult decision to disperse the herd and move the entire herd from Beulah; Newcastle Emlyn to Shrewsbury Auction Centre for sale convenience.
The ring was packed from start to finish and what a fantastic trade throughout, with 73 successful bidders recorded with cattle going in to 21 different counties. The numbers certainly attracted many buyers as the large choice in all categories of stock was appealing.
There were many different purchasers from Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire with 339 animals staying in these three counties; With other animals travelling to Lancaster, Hereford and West Wales.
The trade was certainly like the atmosphere in the ring ‘electric’ with 22 animals selling for £2,000 or more! With a further 24 animals sailing over £1,800!
Leading the days trade was Trefaes Topsy Emily (GP84) who calved in August and was yielding just under 60kg daily she was snapped up for 2,300gns by DE & MR Davies of Sarnau, Mr Davies had a great eye and picked out two other great animals the other at the same price 2,300gns Trefaes Credit Snowball (GP84) calved in July and yielding 48.kg, the third animal was Trefaes Credit April again calved August, yielding 48kg!
Oakley Farming Ltd of Dorrington were major purchasers on the day and their leading price was 2,250gns for a fresh calved heifer Trefaes Fantasmic Emily, selling for 2,220gns was Trefaes Proclaimer Melody who calved in June and served again yielding 58.kg daily she was secured by N G Jenkins & Son of Spittal, Haverfordwest who also secured several superb lots including animals at 2,180gns and 2,160gns.
G LL Lewis of Pool Quay secured some superb animals including Trefaes Zelgadid Melody who was fresh and yielding 62.kg daily.
The mature cows set the scene for the day’s proceedings a large number of purchasers had come for this section of the sale and four figures were soon achieved for a seventh calved cow.
Every commodity of milking cows were in high demand, In calf cows sold readily to 2,000gns. The demand for spring calving cows was evident with many wanting this calving profile, the fertility of this high yielding herd was outstanding, with many gaining time in each lactation, which certainly gave great buyer confidence as the herd was so expertly managed by the Stanfield family and their team!
The youngstock sold in ring two to a huge crowd, many volume buyers were around to take home with them big numbers of this quality.
The In Calf Heifers sold fantastically well with lots of heifers selling over 1,700gns! C & S Fitton of Middlewich secured 28 In Calf Heifers on the day. Recently served heifers sold to 1,500gns.
Bulling Heifers sold to 1,000gns again travelling far and wide.
Heifer calves were seriously in high demand and sold for 380gns for baby calves, again two bidders were after large numbers.
The sale was an outstanding success for such a great family and indeed the genuine herd attracted a huge interest! We were delighted to be part of such a great genuine dispersal sale and these large numbers of animals were all sold by 4:00pm.
All Milking Cows & Heifers including all faults £1,420
In Calf & Recently Served Heifers £1,220
Yearling Heifers £710
Heifer calves following dams £312.53

SHOW & SALE - Shrewsbury Auction Centre - 24.9.19

The Halls and Hassall Brothers Dairy sale at Shrewsbury Auction Centre, was the first sale which incorporated the Western Holstein Club and also hosted the prestigious Wexham Cup Bull sale.

The Numbers were tremendous with over 130 animals passing through the sales ring.


The show was a superb success and the ring which looked fantastic all under cover, was two deep all around as spectators watched the Wexham cup bull show and then the milking cow classes.

The Wexham cup bull sale was sponsored by HJ Lea Oaks and Halls, the Wexham cup overall winner was Winton Flurul ET from PJ Waring & Son and was secured by A C Mitchell & Co, Of Bulkeley for 2,100 gns. The Reserve champion bull also from this home was Winton Gunnix ET, this bull was also Reserve champion on inspection and was the top priced bull realising at 2,900gns purchased by L Davies & Son of Gwndwn, New Inn, Carmarthen.

Ray Brown sold a lovely bull for 1,800gns Bildlea Transway ET, this bull was secured by PD Williams and son of Overton on Dee.

We would like to thank Steve Cox for judging the Wexham Cup in such a professional manner.

The Milking cows and heifers were once again in high demand throughout the day and rosettes split between many, the overall champion was a heifer from C Whitticase & sons of St Martins who had a super consignment forward and a cracking trade.

The reserve champion rosette was taken by Ed Seaton with a super cow, we would like to express our thanks to Wadland Finance for their very kind sponsorship, Roger Trow for judging all of the superb animals presented and indeed the vendors for putting such an awesome group of cows and heifers in to the sale.

The milking heifers topped twice at £2,200 for the Whitticase family and W.J Nadin & Co of Earl Sterndale.

Hilltop farming of Great Budworth, Northwich had a great consignment peaking at £2180 for a very milky heifer yielding 44.2kg sold to Bowdler Farms Ltd.

M & J & E Hughes sold a cracking heifer for £2120, secured by D Colclough of Hassall, Sandbach.

P E Biley & Sons of Llanrhaeadr sold a super commercial heifer for £2050 secured by Oakley Farming of Dorrington, just behind at £2020 was a lovely heifer from W J G Dimelow & Co of Malpas this heifer  was secured by Bowdler Farms Ltd.

Other heifers cruised over £2000 and £1900 lots of purchasers in attendance to bid on the animals presented.

Cows were a superb trade and sold to £2100 for Seaton Farms, this cracking animal was secured by Oakley Farming, Dorrington. Hilltop Farming received £1980 for a great milky cow selling to J R Paddock of Westbury.

A Brown Swiss from H Davies & Co of Chester sold to £1950, B & E I Carr of Worcester received £1920 for their super animal.

Served heifers sold to £1050 for DH & VM Morgan of Arddleen.

Heifer Calves sold to £490 for a super bunch of heifers from Seaton Farms, these heifers were in high demand.

We certainly need more week on week to fulfil demands.


All milking Heifers including all breeds and faults £1750.42

All Milking Cows including all breeds and faults £1641.54

Once again thank you to all of the consigners, purchasers and sponsors of the show and sale we really appreciate your support and we are very excited to watch the dairy sales develop further at this top class facility!

Stuart Hassall – Auctioneer (Hassall Brothers)

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